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- Det har vært en øyeåpner for meg å erkjenne at vi alle sitter med ulike verdensbilder.

- Jeg synes alle arbeidsplasser skulle sendt sine medarbeidere på dette kurset. Det kunne samfunnet hatt godt av. 

Det er så nyttig å bli oppmerksom på hvordan man prater med andre. 


- Det har vært en øyeåpner for meg å erkjenne at vi alle sitter med ulike verdensbilder. Jeg har blitt utrolig mer bevisst på hvordan jeg ordlegger meg. Mer opptatt av å ikke avbryte og å lytte ordentlig. På den måten blir det mindre grunnlag for misforståelser og en mye bedre samtale. ​


Malin Johansen etter å ha deltatt på kurs. 

Foto: privat.

Se hele reprtasjen her.

Mine erfaringer fra kurs på Island 

I would like to start by thanking you with all my heart for this training and for all of you wonderful and open minded persons I have met here and practised Intentional Peer Support with. And thank you for pushing us all out of our comfort zones, though it´s been hard at times it has been more of a pleasure. I would like to quote Frank Herbert, an american author: One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things. I have been thinking alot about all the stuff we have been learning and practising and at the same time noticed a new emotion that, at first, I could not name, I just felt that something was going on in here. I thought it was a joy or a little bit of happiness, but when I started to read the book I finally felt and could name that precious emotion. It is freedom that I am feeling right now. But how can IPS training days give rise to such a wonderful emotion? For me it is a liberation to know that I am not responsible to fix anyone else´s emotional state and if I try to, it would probably hurt us both. It is also liberating to think about future relationships with shared responsibility, that I don´t have to be in control or in charge of the connection. It is such a relief. But the largest part of this new freedom feeling of mine comes from the fact that how the mental health system (with all their specialists) interpret painful emotions and experiences, is only one way to see people when they are suffering. Diagnosis are simply one „lens“ to see the world throught, like IPS have though us. And for me to finally get it, to really feel it under my skin, have helped me to realise that I was stuck in a prison. I was stuck in THEIR story. I have wanted to think of my experience as a really hard time when I was going through learning, developing and changing at a high speed and with such a pressure that I got extremely overwhelmed. But I was the only one thinking about it like that. The environmet teaches you, that you are sick and you need treatment in form of pills. So now I am free from that story, from that lens, that has always made me sick and stuck. I would like to end this with a little think-peace I found online. It says: The strongest drug that exist for a human, is another human being.

Berglind Bang Olasdottir.

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